Day 90 (Tuesday)/krista

Well, my final 90 day assessment was this morning!

16 pounds
19 inches
3% body fat

Whole lot of TUF

First mile: 15:44 Push-ups 0 Sit-ups 13
Last mile: 10:55. Push ups 32 Sit-ups 38

I can’t believe how I have changed, especially on the inside. I have done things I never thought I would be capable of doing. I feel better on the inside & out. I am so very grateful for all the support I have received from TUF staff and from those I have worked out with. It has been a journey that I hope continues.

Aaaaaaah! Thought this had already been “SENT”!!!!! Sorry

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Day 89 (Monday)/krista

Oh. My. Gosh. Tomorrow morning is my 90 Days TUF’er test.  I am so anxious.  (not the good kind of anxious)  I am nervous about my hurt ankle and I really want to do well.  I have been practicing breathing for the mile for the past two days.  Nathan keeps asking me if I’m crying.  I tell him I’m not crying, just breathing.  When the treadmill at TUF starts going faster it kind of makes a higher whining sound.   That whining sound causes me to panic a bit.  I start breathing faster and I can feel heat rising in my body.  Sometimes I won’t even be on the treadmill.  I will be on the other side of the gym and hear that high whining sound and it invokes a panic attack.  I am not kidding.  I used to think that the jogging part was the hardest but now that I’m getting a LITTLE better at that I think the burpees are the most difficult.   I thought last night as I closed my eyes in bed…….I am NOT aching ANYWHERE.  Oh my gosh!!! I remember the first few weeks I wondered if I would ache for the entire 90 days.  Now I know.  I am not.  Well, I will talk to you tomorrow.  I hope I have great results to share.  Thank you for the journey.  image

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Day 89- Lisa

Yoga today! Shayla wanted me to keep it light today because tomorrow is Day 90 and is testing day!  I can’t believe I am at the end of the 90 days.  Several people have asked me when am I finished.  I AM NOT FINISH!  I have made huge progress mentally and physically but there is not an end.  I need to keep everything the same to continue to have success.   I still have so much more to accomplish! The anticipation of this “end” is killing me.  The way I have to look at is Wednesday is day 91 and I’m at the gym like usual! Wish me luck tomorrow! Hoping to beat my mile.  Not sure I will but I’ll be okay with that because you can’t take away that I’ve shaved 3 minutes off of it! And like I said… I’ll keep going and will beat it in the next 30 days!

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Day 88 (Sunday)/krista

I worked out on my own tonight.  I really missed my group and their support. Fortunately I made my calorie burn. I set a personal record! YAY!!!!  My ankle is better but still swollen so I bought a brace to help support it. I did not jog tonight and I am hoping it will be much better for my 90 day TUF’er test Tuesday. I can’t believe it is almost over.  I even CRIED tonight. It has been an incredible journey and I can’t believe the change in myself. I really have been TRANSFORMED on the inside and the outside.

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Day 88- Lisa

Happy Father’s Day! Sure wish I still had mine.  It is sort of ironic that I’m at the end of my 90 days and it’s Father’s Day because his death if you read in my original intro was when I lost all control of my health.  I know he is looking down very proud that I am back in control and getting healthier and healthier every day.  If nothing else I need to be a good role model for my kids so they make good choices while still eating fun foods in moderation.  I haven’t worked out since Thursday since I was sick.  Shayla wanted me to rest Monday because test day is Tuesday but I am going in.  I need to do something to prepare for my final test day!

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Day 87- Lisa

Still sick.  Couldn’t eat in the morning but I did eat some lunch.  I had some of the yummy meal we all prepared.  So Shayla gives us homework assignments throughout the 90 days.  This last one was we ( Jen, Cindy, Krista and me!) had to each make a part of the meal. I was assigned the main protein(asparagus wrapped in chicken), Cindy a salad,(Kale salad) Krista a vegetable (zucchini bake)  and Jen a dessert(raspberries filled w dark chocolate.  It had to all be healthy and in our guidelines.  Everything was DELICIOUS! I couldn’t believe I liked the Kale.  I have always avoided that healthy food! Also learned when need a little something sweet dark chocolate is okay! I asked Shalya- so I can have chocolate covered strawberries? She said yes but not the whole container!  Best was my kids tried the raspberries and loved them! I haven’t gotten them to retry those in years.  Thank you ladies for a wonderful lunch!

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Day 86- Lisa

Woke up at 3AM and my stomach felt horrible. I take a prescription and live on pecids but will get these occasional episodes where it’s really bad for a day or two.  I still got dressed and was going to try and do something but ended up bringing my portion of food for our group meal and went home.  I was pretty much down for the count all day. Didn’t eat a thing so didn’t burn any calories but didn’t eat any either.  Hoping to feel better tomorrow.

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Day 87 (Saturday)/krista

I overslept and my group had to start the warmup jog without me. It was 1 1/2 mile and because I was late had to go it alone. My mile time was one second more than yesterday; pretty good considering I didn’t have Jen & Cindy to push me. Then I had to row 1600 meters! That is a LOT. It feels like a lot. Then I can’t remember what else but I know it was hard and I had to push to get through it. When I thought the workout was over Shayla said I had to jog another 1 1/2 miles. I started crying. It is sooooooo hard for me! Sweet Cindy went with me until we were stretching and I said my ankle hurt. Cindy looked at it and it was HUGE. I rolled it earlier when I was holding 2 15 pound weights. We walked back to TUF & Shayla said not to jog on it. I almost cried again – because I was so happy. I didn’t though because I’m worried about my ankle slowing my 90 day mile on Tuesday.

I really was happy I didn’t have to jog another mile and a half.

Went home and applied R – rest, I – ice, E – elevation, and C – compression!

I also took ibuprofen, the wonder drug.

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Day 86 (friday)/krista

Today we are bringing our courses to TUF so we can eat our meal together – apart. Too many jobs, kids, sick kids, dr appointments, responsibilities, etc…..

Naturally, I left mine at home & had to go after our workout to get it. HA!!!!! It was sooooo very good!!! Lisa made sesame chicken rolled around asparagus, Cindy made kale with MANGO & lemon & sea salt, Jen made raspberries filled with chocolate, and I made baked squash with onion, olive oil, & sea salt. YUMMO!!! Soooooo good!

We also got to meet Jen’s friend, Aylan from college. She worked out with us. She did great! I was impressed. She is a twin and has twins! Just like Jen!!!!

Anyway, thanks to Jen & Cindy I jogged a full mile again today. I walked a bit then jogged most of the second mile. I know I would never have done it without them. I appreciate them so very much. …..and they never make me feel bad for slowing them down! Oh my gosh !!!!! About to cry. Waaaaa

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Day 85 (Thursday)/krista

Well, I’m a bit behind the blog……

Today I did not get to workout with my group because roofing people came to give estimates inside & outside my house. Had to workout in the evening & now I know I REALLY prefer morning workouts; just not at 5:30 AM.

I missed them. They motivate me & push me & sometimes I talk so much while I’m moving I don’t think about how hard I’m working! Love that!!!!! My calorie burn is also lower (I’ve noticed) when I workout alone. 😕

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