Day 86 (friday)/krista

Today we are bringing our courses to TUF so we can eat our meal together – apart. Too many jobs, kids, sick kids, dr appointments, responsibilities, etc…..

Naturally, I left mine at home & had to go after our workout to get it. HA!!!!! It was sooooo very good!!! Lisa made sesame chicken rolled around asparagus, Cindy made kale with MANGO & lemon & sea salt, Jen made raspberries filled with chocolate, and I made baked squash with onion, olive oil, & sea salt. YUMMO!!! Soooooo good!

We also got to meet Jen’s friend, Aylan from college. She worked out with us. She did great! I was impressed. She is a twin and has twins! Just like Jen!!!!

Anyway, thanks to Jen & Cindy I jogged a full mile again today. I walked a bit then jogged most of the second mile. I know I would never have done it without them. I appreciate them so very much. …..and they never make me feel bad for slowing them down! Oh my gosh !!!!! About to cry. Waaaaa

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