Day 87- Lisa

Still sick.  Couldn’t eat in the morning but I did eat some lunch.  I had some of the yummy meal we all prepared.  So Shayla gives us homework assignments throughout the 90 days.  This last one was we ( Jen, Cindy, Krista and me!) had to each make a part of the meal. I was assigned the main protein(asparagus wrapped in chicken), Cindy a salad,(Kale salad) Krista a vegetable (zucchini bake)  and Jen a dessert(raspberries filled w dark chocolate.  It had to all be healthy and in our guidelines.  Everything was DELICIOUS! I couldn’t believe I liked the Kale.  I have always avoided that healthy food! Also learned when need a little something sweet dark chocolate is okay! I asked Shalya- so I can have chocolate covered strawberries? She said yes but not the whole container!  Best was my kids tried the raspberries and loved them! I haven’t gotten them to retry those in years.  Thank you ladies for a wonderful lunch!

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