Day 87 (Saturday)/krista

I overslept and my group had to start the warmup jog without me. It was 1 1/2 mile and because I was late had to go it alone. My mile time was one second more than yesterday; pretty good considering I didn’t have Jen & Cindy to push me. Then I had to row 1600 meters! That is a LOT. It feels like a lot. Then I can’t remember what else but I know it was hard and I had to push to get through it. When I thought the workout was over Shayla said I had to jog another 1 1/2 miles. I started crying. It is sooooooo hard for me! Sweet Cindy went with me until we were stretching and I said my ankle hurt. Cindy looked at it and it was HUGE. I rolled it earlier when I was holding 2 15 pound weights. We walked back to TUF & Shayla said not to jog on it. I almost cried again – because I was so happy. I didn’t though because I’m worried about my ankle slowing my 90 day mile on Tuesday.

I really was happy I didn’t have to jog another mile and a half.

Went home and applied R – rest, I – ice, E – elevation, and C – compression!

I also took ibuprofen, the wonder drug.

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