Meet Lisa

Hi all! My name is Lisa Carignan. I am a wife and a mother of 2. I am anxious to get started on my 90-day challenge. Thank you Shayla for choosing me! I have thought about doing this for over a year now and my sister would ask me each time they were looking for a new 90 dayer. I’m not sure what made me finally go for it but I am ready! I know this is what I need and I am very excited but in total honesty I am also a nervous wreck!

For starters, just writing this introduction is very hard for me. I am more of a private person who smiles through each day no matter what stresses or struggles are going on. I’m also nervous about carving out the time to do this. Like most families we are a busy one with all the homework and sports. This house is busy (&crazy) until 10PM most nights! In addition, I take on anything and everything that keeps me busy helping others and helps me avoid the boring day to day tasks like laundry, cleaning, etc.

How did I get here? I was in great shape when I got married. Gained weight trying to get pregnant, then gained more with having 2 kids. Finally took most of it off with help from a trainer and then my dad got sick and eventually passed away from cancer. It was then that I feel like I lost all control of my health. I gained all my weight back and more and started to suffer from anxiety and panic attacks.
I have tried more diets, workout videos and food delivery programs like Nutrisytem than I care to admit. I am an infomercial’s dream client! You promise, I buy! I have used trainers before and have lost weight only to gain it right back. My problem is I have never really done the eating well WITH the exercise. I’ve always focused on one or the other. I continue to buy cute clothes that don’t fit always saying I’m just 5 pounds away from wearing this! Sad to report they all sit in my closet with the tags still on. (& we are way past the 5 pounds now!) I will admit I have faked being sick just to get out of social events where I know all the other women will look so cute while I struggle to squeeze into something. My weight has consumed my thoughts. I picture myself all the time being thinner. I know I need to do something but never can get myself to do it. Not sure why that is so hard for something I want so bad. But now I have the support and accountability I need to be successful! Thank you Shayla and Transform U! And thank you to all my friends & family who have already shared so many words of support for me! Here we go…!

2 Responses to Meet Lisa

  1. Lori Lucero says:

    I am so proud of you sis! I will be here through the whole process of you transforming your body. You couldn’t be at a better place! Look at all the successes Shayla has had with transforming people. I can’t wait to see the old but new you!! I love you!

  2. tufheidi says:

    Welcome Lisa! I can promise that will be the most difficult blog you’ll write this 90 days. Thanks for being honest with yourself and those who follow the blog. It’s important to explore your “why” to be successful. You’ll do great I can already tell.

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