Day 85- Lisa

Even with my shoulder hurting I’m so glad Shayla found movements and weights I could do.  It’s bathing suit weather and I need to keep working on those arms…among other obvious body parts! After some weight work we had to run through a circuit outside.  I felt promoted today because it was the first day Shayla had me run my lap holding a medicine ball.  That’s what I always watched all the other fit ladies do! Now I’ve joined their club! I am so sore already from that entire workout but it was great! I left and could only wave bye to people today I was so out of breath!

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DAY 84- Lisa

Only 2 exercises today! Sprint 1 lap… rest repeat for total of 4.  And beat your last time!  It was rough.  I felt very winded.  Thanks to Cindy who pushed me to speed up the treadmill so the dots would move faster! I beat my time each time! Then I rowed until I had to leave. It’s funny how there are so many things weighing on my mind as I reach the 90.  They are different from the beginning but all around the same task at hand.  90 days isn’t a life style change… a lifetime of good choices is a lifetime change.  I think I’ll be good after.  I have to be otherwise this 90 days gets thrown into my fad diet pile and I will NOT let that happen!!!

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Day 84 (Wednesday)/krista

Today Shayla had me run one lap as fast as I could – four different times.  My first lap was one second slower than my fastest time the last time we did this.  I think that is good.  I tried to beat that time and get better each time.  I got better the second time, tied the third, and did get better on the last lap.  It was so hard.  I really focused on breathing correctly, keeping my posture straight, and tried not to look at the clock or lap counter.  It is amazing how anxious I get when I hear the treadmill  pace increasing.  I almost can’t breathe.  I can also feel panic rising when Shayla starts getting closer to my treadmill.

We are trying to complete our homework assignment of cooking four parts of a meal separately, then combining them with each other to make a meal.  It has been impossible scheduling a date/time when we all four can attend.  I really hope it happens soon because Shayla says we have two more assignments before it’s over.  It’s over on Tuesday!

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Day 83 (Tuesday)/krista

I had an okay calorie burn today.  I had a workshop all day today.  Working all day makes it harder to work out well.  I am generally more tired and then it is later in the day when I make dinner.

I googled how to pick a good watermelon.  I followed the steps:  -It should be heavy for it’s size.  – It should be dull, not shiny. – It should have a creamy, yellow spot on the bottom indicating vine ripening.

It did not work.  😦

My  Fitbit is not working right now.  I had to order a new charger and the battery completely died.  When I charged it after being dead, it won’t sync with my phone and my  computer.  Will try again tomorrow to fix it.

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Day 83- Lisa

Walked in early this morning to do treadmill warm up until I started with Shayla.  Of corse  Janelle said jump in with us.  Should of never made eye contact!! Kidding! All exercises were using a bosu ball.  Not sure how all the other ladies did 5 reps! I only did 2 before I started with Shayla.  My shoulder not good so lots of modifications for me right now which I hate.  I want to keep working there for tank top weather.  I have limited time with my kids summer schedule and camps right now so can’t stay longer than one hour this week but still managing over 500 cal burn.  Missing my days of 700-800! I feel I still have so much to go…

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Day 82 (monday)/krista

Oh my gosh!!! I lost two pounds in spite of the skittles and starbursts!!!!  What a relief!  Now I’m REALLY going to follow all the guidelines so that I can finish strong!!!

I hurt my right arm on Saturday and it has really been bothering me.  I am a little concerned about my pushup test on day 90.  I really want to do well and finish STRONG!  I mean TUF!

Nathan did  NOT want to go to camp but he went anyway.  They called me late tonight to say he is really having a hard time and wants to come home.  It was too late to leave to pick him up tonight so I will go tomorrow.  I have a workshop for work from 8:00 to 3:30 so I will go afterward.  It is about an hour away and I have not been there before.  Hope traffic is not too bad.

I did a good job with eating today and drinking water.  I did not workout.  Took today as my off day.

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Day 81 (Sunday)/krista

I had to work out on my own today.  Fortunately I have really burned good calories this week so I am great on my calorie burn.  Nathan is going to church camp in the morning so we are getting ready for that today.  He does NOT want to go.  😦

I didn’t workout until late this evening.  I don’t like to do that but it just worked out that way.  Tomorrow is weigh day.  I am a little nervous.  With the end of school and skyrocketing stress levels I  have not made the wisest choices.  I bought skittles and starbursts for my students for an end of the year treat.  I at a lot of the purple and red skittles.  I thought about telling the kids that there was a special on sunset skittles, orange, yellow, and green but I decided to buy another big bag and mix them together.  HA!!!  I also ate a lot of pink and red starbursts.  OH! My! Gosh!!!

Anyway, I’m glad my calorie burn has been great this week.  Hope it helps!!!

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Day 80 (saturday)/krista

I ate canteloupe  for breakfast today.  YUMM YUMM  It was so good.  I always eat fruit in the morning on an empty stomach because I read that fruit is digested in a different part of your stomach than other food.  It should be eaten on an empty stomach because it is digested quickly in that special part of your stomach.  If you eat fruit with other food like protein, it gets mixed up in the wrong part of the stomach and ferments which can cause gas and bloating.

I tried to eat watermelon but I haven’t found a good one yet this summer.  There has to be a way you can tell which one is good.  I have had a sweet one that feels like it has cornmeal in it.  I have eaten one with great texture that did not taste well.  I spit it out.  I always look for the little bald spot that is suppose to tell you it ripened on the vine. But that doesn’t always work either.

Anyway, I wish there was a secret formula to use.  Actually!  There may be a secret formula.  I just don’t know it because it is a SECRET.

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Day 82- Lisa

Started today’s workout with a 2 mile run.  Thank you Cindy for pushing me through it! We had to run for 5 mins then 1 minute walk than back to running.  So hard but I can’t believe I am doing 2 miles now.  I thought doing 1 was an impossible goal  and now 2?!  Weighed myself today and lost another pound.  Still wanting that 10 pound drop in a week but very happy that I am losing each week and right on track!

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Day 81- Lisa

Cheat day! Had salad and pizza.  It really is one of my favorite meals.  What I love is that I don’t have to give that up.  Truth is every diet I did I wouldn’t give it up.  At some point I would break because I craved it and eat it.  Now it is part of my meal planning.  So much of creating good habits are all these little mental tricks and boy do they work! The minute you say I can never have or do again I become defiant like a 3 year old! Of corse the only one I’m ever hurting is myself! Shayla has given me so many tools and simple ones at that. They have helped me so much and will continue to help me as this is a lifestyle change not another fad diet.

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